Brazilian Laser Hair Removal - Montreal

Laser treatment is one of the popular ways to remove hair permanently from pubic area and with a minimal effort. Now no more accidental nicks and irritating nicks on the sensitive parts of your body – all you will have is a smooth, clean and silky skin even at the hardest areas to reach.

Apart from feeling fresh and clean, you will be able to wear those latest bikinis and lingerie without worrying about the last time you shaved or waxed your pubic area. The panties and bikini bottoms are becoming narrow these days and you will need a clean body/pubic area to wear them. Get the Brazilian laser hair removal done and wear the latest fashion with style.


Benefits of Brazilian laser hair removal

  • No time waste in shaving and waxing
  • Smooth and flawless skin
  • Wear latest bikinis and lingerie styles
  • Look fresh, clean and hygienic
  • Permanent hair removal from pubic region


Types of Brazilian laser hair removal

  • Full Brazilian laser hair removal – All hair from the pubic areas is removed
  • Brazilian with stripe – All hair is removed leaving a stripe of hair
  • Brazilian with triangle – All hair is removed leaving a triangle of hair
  • Brazilian with custom design – All hair is removed leaving a custom design. The design is subject to hair density. Please discuss with our professional if your design is possible