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Though we offer laser treatment for hair removal at almost any place in your body, here are some of the services we are known for.

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Perfect way to be prepared for wearing bikini, for those who don't like peeping hair from bikini line.

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Show your confidence with brazilian har removal, gives you that inner confidence, full of comfort.

laser hair removal for men for long term solution

Solution of permanent hair removal for those men who want to get rid of those unwanted hair, once and for all.

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Unwanted hair is continuing to plague many people today. Many people, both men and women, are looking for ways to remove unwanted hair permanently. Laser hair removal in Montreal can remove unwanted hair on face and body permanently. Laser hair removal is safe, effective and comfortable and it helps you achieve smooth and soft hair-free skin.

Laser hair removal doctors in Montreal use latest laser technology that uses high-energy light to target the unwanted hair follicles that need to be removed. Each laser treatment can reduce the thickness of the hair and a few sittings of this treatment can permanently stop hair growth.

Traditional hair removal methods like plucking, shaving, waxing or tweezing can trigger vigorous hair growth and can cause scarring and allergic reactions.

Laser hair removal is perfect for both and women who want to get rid of the unwanted hair permanently. Laser hair removal is has been around for more than fifty years and is getting better with each passing year.


Though any area can be treated with laser to remove unwanted hair, it is commonly used in the bikini line area, on the face to eliminate chin, sideburn and moustache hairs, legs, and back.

Looking for best laser hair removal service in Montreal, you are on the right place. Pro Laser provides best in class service for anyone looking for a true solution to their hair problems. With latest equipments and trained professionals, you can be assured of the best service you can get in Montreal, QC. Contact us now to know what exactly suits your need.

Why Laser Hair Removal

Lasers can be dangerous if not handled properly. So it is advisable to visit a certified dermatologist in Montreal to get the treatment done. Our experienced dermatologists are specially trained and can help you treat safely and effectively. Based on your skin and hair profiles, our dermatologists tailor hair removal procedure for you. Depending on the body area and the amount of hair needs to be treated, the number of laser treatments needed varies person to person. Our laser hair removal specialist will discuss with you about your treatment plan, the procedure it involves and the results you can expect.


We have the state of the art laser hair removal systems and using them we offer tailor made treatment specific to your needs.

Laser Hair Removal Montreal – Have you got the expected result?

Is Laser Hair Removal Really Effective

“Laser treatment” is a combination used extensively these days. Back in 1917, Albert Einstein introduced the concept of stimulated light emission. A few years later (1959), Theodore Maiman developed the first ‘laser’. Since then laser treatment has created a niche for itself and has tip-toed its way into the medical fraternity with several applications and usage under its belt. Laser treatment is not only used for treating patients with deep-seated (and more often than not, inoperable) tumours of the brain, lymph, and other organs, but also for treating patients for their aesthetic needs (e.g., acne scars, hair removal etc.).  

Hirsutism and Laser Hair Removal

Hirsutism is the terminology used to identify a condition in women with excessive unwanted hair growth. The hormonal configuration of women is different from men. Hence, the appearance of coarse terminal hair growth in women when observed points at an underlying disorder of a hormone (specifically endocrine). The appearance of excessive, coarse and unwanted hair growth is also responsible in the social impediment that surfaces in a young woman’s life. Laser Hair Removal is a targeted and controlled activity to eliminate hair follicle without causing damage to neighbouring tissues. This process is known as ‘selective photothermolysis’. A significant and marked difference in the reduction of hair growth (in the patient of ‘Hirsutism’) may be observed after the completion of 6-8 months of the commencement of the treatment.  

The Determining Laser Parameters in the Reduction in Hair Growth

  • The treatment of Hirsutism or excessive body or facial hair growth in general undergoes three precise factors.
  • These are wavelength, fluencies and pulse duration, respectively. The chief wavelengths enabling the process of photothermolysis to act decisively are in the red and infrared ranges.
  • The subjugation of longer wavelengths on the melanin is not as powerful as the shorter wavelengths.
  • To remain complacent to the effect of high frequency, short wavelength heat therapy on the activity of melanin, the surface of the skin is subjected to lower temperature (for a cool down).

Misconceptions about Laser Hair Removal Montreal

This article is created to commemorate the concept of Laser Hair Removal and a few of the misconceptions surrounding it. Laser Hair removal is a technique used to eliminate the unwanted hair in the body. Obviously, the subject undergoing laser hair removal treatment needs to be under expert supervision. Laser treatment and its widespread usage have raised many eyebrows time-and-again. This, in turn, has given birth to several misconceptions which are as follows:  

  • Laser hair removal is a permanent treatment to eliminate all the unwanted hair in the body

The prevailing delusion surrounding laser hair removal is that it permanently gets rid of the unwanted hair in the body. One must understand that the stimuli for the laser to work on is the ‘active stage’ of the hair follicles. The major attribute a laser hair removal treatment showcases are the permanent hair reduction. According to studies, the hair growth is phenomenally reduced by 10-40%. The desired outcome of Laser hair removal treatment remains unbiased despite the skin colour. Since laser treatment utilizes light of different wavelengths (Radiation Therapy), it is advisable to follow the post-procedure precautionary measures to avoid any side-effects.

  • Laser hair removal causes skin cancer

Clinical expressions of post-procedure of a laser hair removal may vary from person to person. Thematically, any procedure involving heat or radiation therapy causes a slight irritation at the area of application. It may range from redness, swelling, slight epidermal damage, inflammation, and pain, respectively. Exaggeration of anything is harmful. The same implies Laser treatment as well. Overexposure of this light emission therapy on the various layers of skin inadvertently alleviates the chances of skin cancer and other adverse effects. However, the minimum exposure of the skin to such procedures followed by a minimum number of sittings (if need be), may give one the desired results without any side-effect.

  • Laser treatment is safe for pregnant women.

Even though there is no justifiable answer to why pregnant women should stay away from having a laser hair removal procedure, the majority of the women population hesitate getting exposed to lasers for aesthetic applications. Medical practitioners and health experts have debated enough to discuss the possible health hazards of infra-red light (major light frequency emitted during laser treatment) for the foetus. Starting from the first trimester to the final weeks of pregnancy, the foetus is susceptible to even the slightest chromatic aberrations that may interfere with its natural growth. All said and done, pregnancy is a sensitive stage and laser treatment in any form should be avoided during pregnancy.

  • Laser hair removal is harmful to children

Hormonal imbalance is one of the major determining factors in the unstable hair or mole growth in children. These are the times when parents bring their children to various cosmetologists or medical practitioners to devise a treatment to help eradicate the cutaneous lesions on their child who are being treated with an indifference in the community. To avoid any post-procedural complications, the subjection of the intensity of radiation therapy should be kept bare-minimum.

  • Laser hair removal is expensive

Various discreet sources of information have made argumentative claims about the cost-intensiveness of the laser hair removal procedures. It is quite contradictory though. The laser treatment for hair removal is rather cost-effective.  

Types of Lasers Used for Laser Hair Removal

  • YAG laser is known for its better penetration mechanism in the human skin.
  • Long-pulsed Alexandrite Laser can be employed in a condensed set-up.
  • Diode Laser is known for its controlled emission of energy in a restricted atmosphere.
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) demonstrates the use of flaccid radiation emission and requires the application of a cooling gel post-exposure.

There have been studies conducted by various bodies to better understand the significance of laser hair removal and the fallacies associated with it. A limiting belief on a particular concept can irrevocably diminish the actual weight it holds and thus, misses its primary goal of helping the mankind.

Look younger with laser hair removal treatments!

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